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  • Josh Max

‘Design Driven: The Intersection Of Auto, Art And Fashion’ Appears At Miami Concours

By Josh Max

The Miami Concours is one of those bucket list activities any car enthusiast should attend at least once – and especially in February, when it’s freezing cold in the rest of the country. It will return to the Miami Design District for its seventh edition, titled “Design Driven: The Intersection of Auto, Art and Fashion” from February 16-18, 2024.

And what is it, exactly? The Miami Concours is a three-day exhibition of the world’s most significant post-war automobiles and examples of excellence in modern design and engineering, expertly placed throughout the Miami Design District.

And what is the Miami Design District? It’s a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that combines luxury shopping, galleries, museums, design stores, restaurants and major art and design installations, all within an architecturally significant context.

Lest you get the impression this is another boring car gathering skewing strictly to old-timers, the event is also primed to be an industry disruptor, organically integrating fashion, architecture and design into an automotive experience, and ultimately attracting enthusiasts in all categories to attend.

At the 2023 show earlier this year, visitors were treated to ultra-rare, ultra-expensive rides like the limited Centenario. the Diablo, the legendary Miura and the Lamborghini Concept S. Also in attendance were Ferrari's Enzo and F40, the Bugatti Divo, and Paganis galore.

Part of the fun of walking around an event like this is seeing cars from different eras right up against each other.

Even the most untrained eye can appreciate how much times change, designs radically adjust and advancements in technology evoke head-shaking at we humans and how we get around since the last horse trotted out to pasture.

With the District as its backdrop, The Miami Concours stands out against the other annual auto events both because of its location and its masterfully curated car showcase. The event is the first of its kind in Miami, too, bringing together high design, luxury, fashion, design and architecture, all through the lens of the automotive industry.

Vip Tickets Available

VIP ticket holders will have access to exclusive events throughout the duration of the Miami Concours. Friday’s VIP events will include cars on display, a welcome reception and a drive-in movie, title unannounced. Saturday’s VIP events will include master class panels, private tours, a collector’s dinner and private shopping experiences.

Sunday will be Red Carpet Day, with 250+ cars on display, and include everything from master class panels, a VIP lounge and “Passports” to in-store events, fashion activations and a closing awards ceremony. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will be the sole benefactor of 2024 Miami Concours. The Miami Concours will begin on Friday, February 16th, culminating on Sunday, February 18th with red-carpeted streets, each featuring distinct Concours activations. Tickets go on sale in January.

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