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  • The Miami Concours is taking place on what date and time?
    Friday & Saturday: 11am - 8pm Concours Preview - Selection of cars on display throughout the district. Sunday, February 19th: 11am - 5pm [Main Red Carpet Event] Concours & Judging
  • Is The Miami Concours a paid event?
    The Miami Concours is a free, open to the public event taking place throughout Miami’s famous Design District. All facilities in the Miami Design District will be open and available to our guests and spectators during the Miami Concours. These include the Design District’s world class boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, pop-ups, etc.
  • Does The Miami Concours charge a fee to register your car and participate in this event?
    The Miami Concours does not charge a fee to register a car(s). Simply fill out the registration form completely and you will be contacted by a representative.
  • Will there be parking available?
    For our guests’ and spectators’ convenience, the Design District has 1,920 parking spots available in four garages throughout the area. These include: • Museum Garage: Enter on 41st street (N.E. 2nd Ave and N.E. 1st Ave) 928 spaces • Palm Court Parking Garage: Enter on 38th street (N.E. 2nd Ave and N.E. 1st Ave) 303 spaces. • Paradise Plaza Garage: Enter on 41st street (N.E. 2nd Ave and N.E. 1st Ave) 120 spaces. • City View Garage: Enter on 38th street (N.E. 1st Ave and N.E. Miami Ct) 569 spaces.

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